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Meet Kelly

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher

Given a one-year to live 21 years ago, this former NBC Executive considers every day a blessing while producing life changing media-driven events for film and television. Notable credits include…

  • Co-Producer of “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe”
    ($1.2 Million Domestic Box Office)

  • Producer of “Get Your Life Back Now — The Series”

  • Producer, Creator, and Host of “Doctors Who Rock Awards”

  • Chief Strategist for the Gross National Happiness Project

  • Co-Founder of IPOHAH and founder of MERGE MEDICINE

Kelly’s lifetime achievement, Merge Medicine, culminates 30 years of real-life experience into a masterful magnum opus… systematically achieving holistic wellness while controlling the variables of stress, immune system, toxins, thoughts, and food. The leading expert in her field, Kelly’s unparalleled experiences as a 5x cancer survivor with her 6th pacemaker and a prosthetic aortic valve catapults her wisdom to help others navigate through today’s conventional and alternative wellness protocols of health, wellness, treatment, recovery, and most importantly survival.

Her success extends to working with some of the most important, iconic integrative solutions companies in todays health market including Quicksilver Scientific, DNA Connexions, and Biocomp Laboratories.

Kelly’s impact on the globe reaches beyond business with efforts includes lobbying for non-toxic health treatments at the FDA, CDC, UN, WHO as well as impacting governments around the world.